• CADAM (Computer Analysis of DAMs) - Software based on the gravity method to asses the structural stability of concrete gravity dams for educational and research purposes (website)

  • CADAM 3D - Software based on the gravity method to asses the stability of hydraulic concrete structures for engineering purposes (website)

  • CalWin - Graphic program adding graphic capabilities to the CAL educational structural analysis program (Computer Assisted Learning of Structural Analysis) developed by E. L. Wilson at the University of California, Berkeley (website)

  • CNBC2005-Sismique - Excel workbook that simplify the calcultion of seismic forces by the equivalent static forces procedure of the National Building Code - Canada 2005 (website)

  • LAS (Language for analysis of structures) - Programming language and development environment (software) developed for learning structural matrix analysis, dynamics of structures and finite elements method (website)

  • RS-DAM - Computational tool based on rigid body dynamic equilibrium to evaluate the transient response of a completely cracked concrete dam section subjected to seismic loads (website)

  • TADAM (Thermal Analysis of DAMs) - Software using a new frequency-domain solution technique to solve 1D heat transfer problems, allowing the calculation of temperature histories in a concrete dam section (website)

  • WMnPhi - LSectional analysis software for reinforced concrete allowing, among other things, the calculation of the interaction curve, resisting moments, axial load and deformation, Moment-Curvature curve, etc. (website)