What is CEISCE?

CEISCE is a multi-institutional strategic research cluster dedicated to the safey of civil engineering structures subjected to extreme effects induced by natural hazards, climate change and human activities. The researchers of CEISCE share highly qualified personnel, cutting edge laboratory equipement and technical ressources. In particular, the research Center operates one of the largest networks of structural laboratories in Canada, renowned worldwide for several innovative contributions.


Ensure the safety of critical structures (schools, hospitals, dams, bridges, drinking water supply networks, civil protection buildings, etc.) in the face of extreme effects generated by climate change, natural hazards and human activities.


  1. Promote collaboration between researchers with complementary expertise by sharing high-calibre technical resources and facilitating access to state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  2. Train highly qualified professionals and equip them adequately to face the growing challenges posed by the safety of structures.
  3. Forge lasting partnerships with the scientific, governmental and industrial communities in order to keep pace with research and engineering needs in the fields covered by CEISCE.
  1. Develop and test new reliable and economical techniques for the design, analysis, protection and rehabilitation of new and existing structures made of various materials (e.g., steel, concrete, wood, aluminum, masonry) in the face of extreme conditions and events (e.g., earthquakes, winds, floods, landslides, shocks, low temperatures, ice, glaze).
  2. Consolidate and further stimulate innovation and collaborative synergy between researchers from complementary disciplines (structures, hydrology, geotechnics, seismology, geomatics, sustainable development and life cycle assessment, etc.).
  3. Integrate research results into user-friendly platforms (smart applications, online software, interactive maps, etc.) to foster their adoption by potential users (engineers, researchers, managers, etc.) as analysis and/or decision support tools.
  4. Maintain standards of excellence in the training of students, notably through CEISCE scientific colloquia, co-directions and exchange programs.
  5. Perpetuate and further develop the CEISCE laboratories, a network unique in Canada and among the best equipped in the world.
  6. Consolidate and expand collaborations with national and international partners.
  7. Increase technology transfer channels to potential users.